Community Song from “Many Faces of Recovery: Celebrating You”

This community song was written based on a set of surveys in honor of The Many Faces of Recovery: Celebrate You.

Thank you Lorraine Ferro and Anna Toby Rabinowitz for writing an amazing song and performing at the forum; thank you to Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Mental Health Addictions Servises Advisory Board for giving us the opportunity to participate in this years annual forum for Consumers and Families.

Gov. Christie On Treating Addiction: I’ve Gone To Too Many Funerals, Too Many

Words from Governor Christie:

Addiction is addiction. It is a disease, and we need to utilize every modality we have now to treat it, to save lives, and to expand the modalities that can help to treat this problem. If we continue to treat it is a moral failing, we will continue to lose lives by the tens of thousands and the worst part of that is, it’s unnecessary.

Watch the full video:

How do we talk about mental health?

What if we talked about physical health the absurd way we talk about mental health? For #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, ATTN: put together a video to show the stigma mental illness sufferers deal with every day when talking about their issues. Watch below:

Saint Clare’s Health Joins the Stigma-Free Movement

Saint Clare’s Health is proud to join a stigma-free movement, which aims to end discrimination and negative attitudes towards people living with mental or substance abuse disorders. Hear from some of our courageous clients who speak about the importance of breaking the stigma, so that individuals or families who are struggling can seek help without shame or fear of discrimination or judgment. At Saint Clare’s Health, we welcome you as you are.

“This is the First Mother’s Day Without My Son”

Governor Christie unveiled the newest video in his ReachNJ campaign, which features Pam, a New Jersey state worker and mom who lost her son to a drug overdose a few months ago.

The ReachNJ campaign, announced in Governor Christie’s State of the State address, has included a television commercial, radio ads, digital ads, and billboards. All are designed to alert the public to the website and helpline 1-844-ReachNJ which connect those impacted by substance use disease with a variety of services and resources where they can get the help they need.

Governor Christie: Addiction Knows No Bounds, It Does Not Carefully Choose Its Victims

Governor Chris Christie addressed more than 1,200 state and national leaders in addiction prevention and recovery at the recent New Jersey Prevention Network’s 17th Annual Addiction Conference. The conference educates prevention & treatment professionals about critical issues surrounding substance use. Governor Christie stressed the need to destigmatize, prevent and treat the disease of addiction with a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach.


Governor Chris Christie visited Whippany recently to announce an expansion of the ReachNJ campaign that will promote life-saving treatment and services for people battling addiction, those vulnerable to this disease and their families. The reason for his visit was to highlight subjects of new advertisements focused on access to Stigma Free drug abuse prevention, recovery and re-entry programs and services. State resources a call or click away at 1-844-REACH-NJ and

Vanessa, a recovering addict who met Governor Christie at the Candlelight Vigil for Addiction and Recovery in Trenton last year, is featured in the following new television ad:

Here’s the Story: A Family Disease

When she was 19, Alicia Cook lost her cousin Jessica, of Morris County, to a heroin overdose. Before she died, Jessica, fearing she wouldn’t make it out alive, asked Alicia to write about the disease of addiction and the epidemic of heroin abuse. Jessica’s story and the accounts of those who share her journey will be told on Here’s The Story: A Family Disease. Produced by Driving Jersey. It includes the remembrances of Jessica’s dad, Bob Cook (who has long worked for Morris County) and who has made an annual trip to Jessica’s high school, Morris Knolls, to tell them about his daughter, her life, and her death.

Watch Here’s the Story: A Family Disease.